Hello and Welcome to 2 PLAYER ARCADE!!!


Thanks for stopping by to check out the website!! Big things are in store for us so keep checking back for updates.

Until we are ready to start showing off our physical location, this will serve as my blog for what I do in my home workshop.

This last week was spent putting together some beautiful looking Game Gears. I should have got some before pics to compare, but these things really pop

I call that white and green one "Mint Ice Cream". :P

These were both recapped and had new Clean Screen LCD kits installed. If you know what the old Game Gear screens look like then you know how big of an improvement these new LCD upgrades are.

Gross!! This is pretty much what all the caps looked like in these systems. Par for the course, really. Most, if not all Game Gears will need full recaps at this point, as the capacitors fail after so many years and leak electrolytic fluid all over the place. Smells like fish when you desolder them, too. Yum!!

Getting ready to replace them caps. Having an extra set of grabby parts helps...

After I get these things refurbished, it's time for the screen install.

Lookin' good!!

This was super gratifying... I haven't had the chance to work on Game Gears in a while and it's the system I got my start on reparing and modding. It's always cool to work on one these days and think to when I first started doing this stuff and how far I've come.

Thanks for taking the time to hang out for a bit!! Keep checking back for more cool game tech stuff!!


-Myles :)