Almost There!!!


What is up folks??

We are getting closer and closer to opening up 2 PLAYER Arcade Shop!! Katie and I have been busy in and out of the workshop busting our butts on old games.

We put together a couple of really snazzy GBA SPs.

These got packed full of mods, including an upgraded IPS LCD screen, improved audio amplifier and speaker, plus USB-C charging.

We also installed a couple modchips!

The mod chip allows the systems to play imported and backup games.

Snce we're getting close to opening the shop, we've also been focusing on getting our games collection ready. We've had this Space Invaders cocktail that was in okay condition when we picked it up. It worked, but it was a little dirty and scuffed up. So first thing we did was replace the old scratched up vinyl graphic under the glass

After we removed the old graphic from the glass, we applied the new reproduction vinyl on the cabinet itself and fitted the T-Molding.

Looking much better!!

Speaking of arcade games... California Extreme 2022 was this last weekend!! We hung out there all day Saturday and had a freakin blast. There were so many cool and interesting games on display. Certainly not enough time to play them all, even with a weekend pass!!

It's been an exciting few weeks at 2 PLAYER Arcade Shop and it's gonna get even crazier soon!! Check back in soon!!

Thanks for hanging out!!

-Myles :)