The Monthly Post


Hey there!!

This is indeed turning into a kind of monthly blog post thing. I suppose I didn't intend for that when I set it up but here it is!

Been up to some cool stuff this month in the shop. It's looking good these days!

Built a GBA SP Unhinged model, with metal shell by boxypixel. It's also packed full of upgrades from retrosix, et al. like a new audio amp, a better power filter, a headphone jack and USB-C charging capabilities. What a beefy thing!

Installed a couple mod chips here and there...

Including in this really really cute Hello Kitty Dreamcast!

Speaking of Dreamcasts, I finally got around to building a... semi permanent UV retro brite solution. You can tell I have a thing for making stuff out of cardboard...

And last but not least, this Neo Geo was having trouble detecting the sub battery, thus was giving the dreaded sub battery error every time you'd turn it off. Turned out to be some heavy corrosion in that circuit that ruined a diode and some traces. Replacing the diode and patching up that area did the trick, and we added a new LCD screen while we had it cracked open.

As always, thanks for taking the time!

-Myles :)