Hey everybody!!!

I'm really excited to be able to finally post this... This year an old, beat up arcade cabinet landed in our garage and we got the chance to restore it for a client.

This thing had been left sitting in a foreclosed house for who knows how long... The new owners discovered it and thought it'd be neat to have it back to its former glory. After tracking us down and dropping it off, we got to work...

The good news is, the game board itself was fully working (for the most part). After a deep clean and tweaking a few components it was running 100%. The real work was getting the cabinet to look halfway decent.

But first... a secret...

This cabinet once had another life with another identity... You could say it was a holy grail of sorts. :P

Now... First thing was to get all the stickers off the side... There were a lot more that I didn't get pictures of before I started scraping them all off. Pretty much covered one whole side of the cabinet.

After that, all the paint was stripped off and a new coat was applied.

Next, the side art! Probably the most stressful process... Gotta be extra careful and make sure there are no bubbles as you're applying it.

Next up... The decal art for the control panel.

This CPO (control panel overlay) was made up for an original 1943 cabinet... Since our cabinet here was originally a Zaxxon game, the CPO won't fit perfectly over the exisiting control panel layout. So, a couple extra holes were drilled to move some buttons around (thanks Anthony for the help!!) and the CPO graphics got spliced up and arranged to fit the new layout.

Gotta say, looks halwafy decent for being all cut up!

Control panel installed in the cabinet...

Slowly coming together!!

A couple of new hardware bits... The flourescent bulb and the starter for the light up marquee both needed to be replaced...

The fan in the back of the cabinet also needed to be replaced... It was unbelievably loud when the cabinet was turned on. I searched for a suitable replacement and happened to find a new-old-stock model of the exact fan that's already in the cabinet! Neat!!

Now for the finishing touches... New plexiglass for the CPO, new bezel art and new marquee... Looking sharp!!

Aaaaand boom!!! All done!

WOW! What a glow up! :)

We also added a white button next to the coin chute for easy free play access. No quarters required!!

And of course, gotta get it all lit up and play a few rounds before sending it off to its new home...

All in all, this was a really rewarding restoration. It feels really good to take a forgotten bit a gaming and give it a new lease on life. Hopefully many high scores will be set on this game for years to come...

Thanks so much for taking the time, folks!!


-Myles :)




Recently, Katie and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by our new friend Jay Black for a site called Park Bench. Jay is a realtor in the Monterey Bay area and he took the time to come visit us and ask a few questions about our passion for what we do and how we got the business started.

Head on over to the Park Bench website and check out the interview here!


-Myles :)




Not only is it October, but it's Friday the 13th today...

OoOoOoOoOoHhHhHhH sPoOkY!!!!

...Anyway! We are really excited to annouce our very first event here at the Arcade! It's a costume party! Woohoo!!
Click the Pumpkin Hills over there to the right to find out more info. We hope to see all the friends we've made here at the shop and maybe some new faces as well, dressed to scare of course!!

See you there folks!

-Myles :)





I went ahead and changed up the site a little bit. You'll notice a new button up there labeled "FUN STUFF" and if you click it you get... well, some fun stuff!!

The gamedev team I'm a part of just released another one of our little projects called GUNOSAUR.

To celebrate, I added the new "fun stuff" page to show off other projects we've worked on and to give fans of the shop a chance to check out other stuff we work on when we're not here fixing all our games.

So yeah!! Check it out and play some games before you come over and play some games!


-Myles :)